The Workplace Insider: The Bad Boss Diaries

Business 0 Comments » December 6th, 2014

workplace insider bad boss diaries The Workplace Insider: The Bad Boss Diaries

Bullhorn has launched a new career site — theFit ( designed for job seekers as well as those who are not looking for a new job. theFIT helps you get inside the heads of your fellow co-workers by answering questions like, “Did every one else get a small bonus last year?”, “Would you rather give up your TV or your computer?”, “Am I the only one who’s gay?” Co-workers can compare notes, commiserate, goof off or see how their company culture stacks up to work life elsewhere. And job seekers get to see what companies are really like on the inside. This infographic was created with data from theFit showing the impact your boss can have on your job satisfaction.


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